A short drink from a certain fountain Elspeth Walker

What is the best way to do it and which thing is that? Is it the humor? Is it the sincerity with which I try to write now and at which I probably fail? Is it the very failure and the attempt I must pursue, acknowledge and record? Not because I think it is important because it comes from me but because it is honest and different? DSCN1601edit.jpg DSCN1615edit.jpg DSCN1549edit.jpg DSCN1598.jpg DSCN1540edit_v2.jpg DSCN1528.jpg DSCN1564.jpg DSCN1559edit.jpg DSCN1577edit.jpg DSCN1596.jpg DSCN1551edit.jpg DSCN1595edit.jpg DSCN1584edit.jpg